3 Tips to Support Emotional and Physical Health!

Improving your emotional health is as important for you as improving your physical health, because it helps you to see the best in you.

5 Immune Booster Ingredients

When it comes to the immune system, there is a lot of misinformation and old wives’ tales posed as truth. We’re here with facts to debunk some of these immune system myths.

Can Lack of Sleep Affect your Immune System?

While sleep won't cure a sickness, not getting enough sleep could negatively affect your first line of defense: your immune system.

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System FAST!

We've compiled some quick and efficient ways to boost your immune system in your busy life!

Breast Milk Protects Newborn Babies

Did you know that Breastfeeding provides passive and likely long-lasting active immunity? Protection against infections has been well evidenced during lactation against e.g., acute and prolonged diarrhea,respiratory tract infections,

Ten Foods For Your Immune System

These immune-supporting foods are delicious and help your immune system work effectively and efficiently.

Six Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges!

An orange is not only food packed full of vitamin C! Check out the list of foods containing vitamin C!

What's inside of Transfer Factor Products?

Take a closer look at the products you know and love with an in-depth analysis of some of their ingredients.

5 Ways to a Support a Healthy Heart

Cue the heart emojis-it's February! Not only it is a month for passion and romance, but February is also American Heart Month, which means that it's extra important to show your heart some love.

Science Says Snuggling Is Great for Your Heart

We all know that exercise and good nutrition is the best combo for a healthy heart, or even just overall health in general. Exercise gives your heart the work that it needs to stay strong. Did you know that there's more to health?

Make Your Own Simple Guilt-Free Protein Ice Cream

Have your favorite treats in moderation and still feel healthy. Learn how to make a protein packed dessert that requires only four ingredients!

Yoga and the Immune System

If you are thinking of starting a daily yoga program, remember that you don't have to be perfect! Yoga is a practive. The more you do it, the better you become.

Lifestyle Tips to Support Your Immune System

Getting through flu season can be rough. One way to prevent yourself from getting sick is to take better care of yourself! We listed some tips that can help you support your immune system and create an optimum environment for your body.

5 Things to do to Improve your Life

Get more done and manage your stress levels better with our five daily habits to help you progress and succeed. Stress can keep you from accomplishing your goals, and we want you to be your happiest and most successful self!

5 Daily Strategies to Feel Great and Accomplish More

It's important to take care of yourself by managing stress, staying healthy, and determining a daily schedule.

Protein-Rich Meals to Help You Meet Your Transformation Goals!

No matter your body transformation goals- to lose body fat or gain muscle- protein can help you achieve and maintain your ideal body composition. Learn how to build healthy, proteinpacked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why Choose High Quality Whey Protein?

Many people aren't getting enough protein in their daily nutritional intake, which makes it difficult to manage weight, gain muscle, and feel good. We crafted seven reasons to get quality protein that are backed by scientific studies.

3 Ways to Raise Your Immune I.Q.®*

Well, it means making it wise. You need a wise and properly balanced immune system so it knows when to fight health threats, how intensely to fight, and when to stop fighting. Knowledge is power!

5 Tips for Your Body Transformation

Have you ever felt the desire of wanting to have that great body shape? But whenever you wanted to start, you also start to get discourage because of the tediousness of the process. We found some practical tips for your body transformation.

What’s in 4Life Transfer Factor®?

Have you ever wondered what 4Life Transfer Factor is made of? We sent it for amino acid testing so you know exactly what you get with our top immune system products.*

Protein: A Foundation For a Healthy Life

This "From the 4Life® Labs" article will be the first installment in a four-part series discussing the many benefits of protein and PRO-TF®

Love Your Guts

Gut health impacts more than you might think! It's involved with almost every aspect of your overall health: the immune system, weight, cognition, mood, and more. Here are some simple tips to help improve the health of your digestive system!

12 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Toast Recipes

What a yummy way to start your day perfectly every day check out these energy-boosting 12 breakfast toast ideas you can’t wait to try these all out!

Love Your Guts

Gut health impacts more than you might think! It's involved with almost every aspect of your overall health: the immune system, weight, cognition, mood, and more. Here are some simple tips to help improve the health of your digestive system!