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My fresh supply of Transfer Factor Collagen is finally here! During this lockdown, we all need to continuously make sure that we take care of our immune system and keep that youthful vibe! Test results show that this formula boosts your immune system through Transfer Factor and their hydrolyzed collagen helps with giving you an overall youthful glow in as short as 4 to 6 weeks!

Stay home and stay safe!


Have you heard about 4Life Transfer Factor?

I am so grateful that I have been introduced to these amazing, highly effective, top quality immune system products by 4Life! 4Life Transfer Factor is one-of-a-kind immune system support that boosts, educates, and raises your immune I.Q. so you can live your best state of health and well-being especially during these trying times.

4Life Transfer Factor is patented, certified, and highly researched so you can be assured of a highly effective product!


I’m taking skincare to the next level by taking 4Life collagen every day! This supplement is dermatologist-tested to improve skin hydration. Transfer Factor is one of the most advanced immune boosters of today. Start taking care of your skin from within and get that glow!💎


❤️❤️Protein shake & vitamin supplements❤️

Immune System Supplement❤️

Getting through these tough times is all about finding the best natural way to support your health and that’s what 4Life Transfer Factor does to me and my loved ones. It is more than a supplement, it is the pinnacle of Immune System Support! It stands apart from everything else out there! Their products are well-researched and backed up by Science!


So excited about this new product- Transfer Factor Collagen!!! It slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whitens the skin, and also helps boost the immune system.

The Hydrolyzed Collagen sourced from Europe, Asia, and North and South America makes it a stand out in the market.

A formula that not only takes care of my skin but my immune system as well, now that is truly AMAZING! Keep on staying safe, guys!


I am joining the Transfer Factor Collagen craze!!!

Nowadays, everyone wants to boost their immune system and look fresh and young! So I now take #4lifecollagen daily! It’s so convenient to use, just mix it with any of your favorite flavored drink or with just water! Hydrolyzed collagen gives my skin that youthful glow and it also helps with my hair and nails! Dermatologist tested; based on clinical study Transfer Factor Collagen helps improve visible wrinkles and fine lines, skin firmness, and even helps you get a fairer complexion!

Loving the results! Plus I am confident that I am getting the immune system boost my body needs from Transfer Factor! Staying healthy is the best gift you can give yourself and your family ❤️


Moms, we need to take care of ourselves too! 🌸

As a mom of 2 little girls, I always make sure that I get enough boost that my system needs. That is why I see to it that I get to drink 1 or 2 sachets of  Transfer Factor Collagen every day! It doesn’t just take care of my immune system, it also helps improve my skin moisture, tone, and elasticity, most importantly it is proven and dermatologist-tested!

I’ve finally found the BEST COLLAGEN DRINK! This product is proof of what we say “Beauty starts from within.”

Let’s all stay young and let beauty glow from within.🌸


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Just got my favorite Collagen products delivered today! 🌸

I don’t normally drink or eat food supplements before but upon discovering this product, I am a complete convert!

I’ve been mixing this product with my food or drink every day for about a month and a half already and I can really see the difference. My skin looks healthier and I feel that my immune system is working well. This really is a perfect combo!

Beauty + Immunity.


Living in these very difficult times call for extra care and attention to our health and well being. Strengthening our immune system with enough sleep, a healthy diet, daily exercise, and the right vitamins and supplements are essential if we wish to maintain a strong body 💪🏼 I love how Transfer Factor Collagen boosts, educates, and balances my immune system with the added bonus of giving me healthy and younger-looking skin ♥️ Clinically tested and with age-defying ingredients, it improves skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness. Now that I’ve been taking it for nearly a month, I believe there is no turning back - I know I’ll be taking it for life 😉


Immune Health Awareness

It is important that as we ease into the so-called “new normal” let us not forget to stick to the basics when it comes to achieving better health --- healthy choices + proper hygiene practice = stronger immunity! Because a strong immune system is your best defense! It is important that you have a smart and vigilant immune system that fights back against challenges you face every day so you can live your best possible life.

Your immune system protects you from various threats, so do what you can right now to help it fight at its best! That’s why me and my family only trust this product, and we make sure to include 4Life Transfer Factor products as part of our daily routine to help us achieve our goal of powering up our immune system.

Stay safe everyone!


Being in quarantine can be the best time to make changes in our lives and create something good for the future! Start building healthy habits. One of the most important parts is maintaining a strong immune system.

To keep my immune system running at peak performance, I’ve found one of the most advanced immune system support available today, 4Life Transfer Factor! It uses cutting edge immune science to give us the highest level of immune system support! Because your immune system response makes all the difference!

Keep Safe and Stay Healthy!


There really is no secret to aging gracefully, it’s just good lifestyle habits - exercise more, eat healthily, and take good care of your skin and I’ve joined the craze by taking Collagen4life.

Their age-defying ingredients are truly amazing! Youthful wrinkle-free skin, healthy aging, and the highest level of immune system support are just some of the benefits I’ve been experiencing. Now I can be radiant and youthful from the inside out.
Take care, everyone!😘😘😘


For the past month, I've been taking 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen and I have seen incredible results in just 4 weeks. I usually mix 1 stick pack with water and have it before my 7am workout. It tastes very subtle and light, it also works so well with fruit juices and smoothies! Collagen has remarkable benefits - - it gives your skin a youthful glow, it also helps with your hair and nails, improves your muscle function, and so much more.

But most importantly, the Transfer Factor in this formula can definitely give your immune system a much-needed boost every day-- something we really need to do especially during these uncertain times. Visit their Facebook page for more details on how you can add their 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen into your daily regimen too!


Staying healthy should not only mean keeping fit, we also need to take care of other essential parts of our body such as our skin and our immune system. And for me, the best way to do that is by taking my Transfer Factor Collagen daily! Transfer Factor is an advanced immune booster plus their hydrolyzed collagen is just what I need to keep my skin and hair looking young and healthy! So far been seeing great results! Always keep safe everyone!


No joke. It took one try and I was convinced 😆 been using it for over a month now 😊 using the Ancient Korean Water Approach, I love that äKwä is already a whole system labelled steps 1-5 so you don’t need to play the guessing game 😆 100% made in Korea, Paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate free formulas, cruelty-free, gluten-free formulas, vegan-friendly, derma tested for mildness and all-natural fragrances 😊 absolutely love it! So much that I switched before I could even wait for my old creams and serums to finish 😂



Manoling Morato

Transfer Factor is better referred to as a "navigator", for it helps build up the immune system that becomes the true doctor or cure for the body. So, instead of dengue patients languishing in the hospitals for seven days or more, they may opt to give TF and get well in two to three days without blood transfusion.

Transfer Factor, being organic and natural, does not and will not conflict with whatever pharmaceutical medications the doctors prescribe. It will, as a matter of fact, enhance the effectiveness of the medicine.



Former PCSO Chairman

dr see

There is no other product in a nutritional substance, nor a drug, that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated germs, super-resistant germs, and food contaminations, our only hope and defense, must lie within our immune system.



WHO Consultant

dr tan

My cancer patients on Transfer Factor have better recovery from chemotherapy. Stage 4 cancer patients live longer.* Best of all, they have longer remission. That's why I now recommend Transfer Factor to all of my patients. I WAS SKEPTIC BEFORE BUT NOW, A BELIEVER!



Surgical Oncologist

*The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of Independent 4Life Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. 4Life products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.